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Marius Eriksen, the famous  Norwegian WarHero, Actor and Skier, as model for the Handknit Pattern 1954 for Sandnes UldvareFabrikk.

Designed in 1953 by Unn Søiland, and sold to Sandnes Ullvarefabrik in 1954 as a handknitpattern. Today, almost 60 years later, known as the most sold and knitted HandknitPattern in the world. Regarded as the Norwegian National Sweater, a Norwegian Icon.

The designer Unn Søiland, founder of Lillunn Design of Norway, made textile history by designing new patterns, and using strong coloured wool for thick sweaters, very unusual for the time,- making "Norwegian Sweaters" an Internationally famous word.

Unn Søiland Dale recieved the Royal Medal of Merit in Gold 2002, for her lifelong pioneer work of developing Norwegian handknit traditions and Wool designs, and for making Norwegian wool-textiles famous internationally.



Scene from the Norwegian Film; TROLL i ORD, 1954. All actors wearing sweaters from Lillunn's design and production. Danish female star, wearing ESKIMO sweater, and Marius Eriksen wearing a MARIUS sweater, dark blue with white shoulders.



Scene from the Norwegian Film TROLL I ORD,1954, with Henki Kolstad as leading role, in a MariusSweater, Inger-Marie Andersen as the leading female role, in the Sweater GEILO, and behind in the sofa, Marius Eriksen also in a Marius Sweater. The sweater GEILO, was  shown in English VOGUE FASHION FORECAST the same year.



From DAGBLADET 1955, the fashion reporter LoveYngve Andersen, writes about the success of the designer Unn Søiland, using the picture from the film TROLL I ORD, with Unn Søilands sweaters GEILO and MARIUS as illustration for the article.


Stein Eriksen, the elder brother of Marius Eriksen, and the Gold Medal Winner in Slalom in WinterOlympics in Oslo in 52.  Here fotographed in Unn Søilands MARIUS sweater, in a version with inverse colors, and in black/white/red. Knitted by the designer Unn Søilands company LILLUNN Design of Norway, and sold to Erikses shop in Oslo in 1952. Stein Eriksen, at that time the most famous of the two brothers, could not be paid model for the HandKnit Pattern, as he could have risked to loose his amateur status in olympic competition. Therefore his brother Marius, also an excellent skier, and later famous actor in the  film success "Troll i Ord", could take the job, and give his name to the sweater. That's how the sweater got the name MARIUS.




The Handknitpattern; SLALOM, made as the first sweater in Blue, Red and white, the Norwegian Flag colors, in 1952, one year before the MARIUS. Often mistaken for the MARIUS sweater, but it is not.



Unn Søiland, here fotografed in the 90'ties, wearing her design SLALOM, often mistaken for the MARIUS sweater, but it is not.



The MARIUS II, also designed by Unn Søiland. Made for the Norwegian SkiiingTeam in The World Championship in Oslo 1954.



Here Marius Eriksen is once again fotographed inn Unn Søilands designs, and this time with his wife Bente in an article about AfterSki Fashion.



The book by the author Annicken Sibbern, who had collected the many hundred years old Setesdals knitting traditions, for this book in 1928. This book became the basic for all knitting women in Norway in the 30'es and during the war 1940-45, when the Setesdal patterns became very popular, as they signalised  Norwegian Patriotism.



Many hundred years old Setesdals Traditional  patterns, from Sibbern's book from 1928. They were always in black, grey and white, as was the tradition for all Norwegian knitwear of this kind, using the natural colors of the sheepwool.




Unn Søiland Dale's handwriting on copys of the patterns, explaining what is her pattern design MARIUS to the right, and the traditional Setesdal to the left, over the old Setesdals LuseKofte. Unn Søiland always said that the old Setesdalspatterns had inspired her to make the MARIUS. She had, like most knitting women, knitted versions of Setesdals sweaters during the war , when she grew up at the west coast of Norway. It was her design MARIUS, when knitted in Red/white/Blue, that later became the most knitted Norwegian pattern.



Detail from a probably much more than 100 years old Setesdals kofte from Valle,- from the Norwegian Folk Museum. NF 329-54



Version of traditional Setsdal-sweater(above), and the real MARIUS sweater as handknit(under). Both sweaters produced through more than 50 years, as exclusive Handknit from Lillunn Sport a/s ( Today LILLUNN a/s Design of Norway)



The designer Unn Søiland portrayed in a revue in STAVANGER AFTENBLAD in 1959, reporting.; "In the USA they have something they call Career-women. Here we have Unn Søiland."  Headings like;" Selling sweaters for half a million kroner", " Big export of Sweaters".  Unn Søiland , with her company Lillunn Sport a/s was the biggest private company organizer of handknit production. She was first Woman to be part of The Norwegian Industry Accosiation, as she organised knitting women all around Norway, and this was regarded as Home-Industry. Througout the years she organized more than 1000 Norwegian Women knitting for her production.

She developed a special manual for her handknitters, where she introduced measueres, systematized teqniques and equipment for handknit. These manuals have later been copyed by all wool-producers, and are today basic instructions for all handknit-patterns.

She designed and produced handknit for German Uli Richter, she designed patterns for American Mac.Gregor,- and later in the 90'es she designed the most exclusive hand-knitt creations for French Christian Dior, Hubert de Givengy and Castelbajac.

She was honoured by recieving the HMK Royal Medal of Merit, in GOLD in 2002 ,
for her lifelong pioneer work of developing Norwegian wool-textiles and thereby making Norwegian textile culture internationally known.

The quality of the handicraft in her organised production, combined with her elegant designs, was one of the reasons that this became a big export article,- and that the word "Norwegian Sweaters" have a high standing for most foreigners.



Cool Young brothers with their Model-aircrafts, in the 50'es, wearing the modern sporty Sweaters from Lillunn Sports. Left; "Henken" Nissen-Lie in real MARIUS, and right; "Tinus" Nissen-Lie in SLALOM. Gifts from the designer Unn Søiland, their cousin. Private photo.



The MARIUS sweater is regarded to be the most knitted sweater in Norway, and has become a Norwegian Icon. Here a white version, poorly knitted as the neck not should cut down into the pattern. But handicraft like knitwear varies and depends on the scills and instructions of who is knitting,- so this is unfortunately often seen. But, Rosalynn Carter was probably happy for her sweater anyhow !



Another famous sweater from the 50'es, SNØKRYSTALL, by Unn Søiland.



An old publicity card from the designer Unn Søilands company, in the beginning called Norce Knit, later Lillunn Sport. Tomm Mustad, another famous Skier in Oslo, who started the Skeeing Scool for Children in Holmenkollen, is showing his skills wearing VIKING. The femal model wearing HARDANGER, and the children wearing the two colorversions of the sweater UnnSøiland designed especially for Tomm Mustad SkeeingScool.



The first pattern Unn Søiland designed, in strong colours, called ESKIMO, her breakthroug as designer, long before the MARIUS sweater. Here cuts from VOGUE's FASHION FORECAST in 1954.

The original HandKnitt Pattern for the "Eskimo" sweater from Unn Søiland, LILLUNN's first big succsess as designer.  Two years before the Marius-sweater. Her she herself as model on the pattern frontpage in 1951.

This sweater is today playing a little part in the HOLLYWOOD film

" IT'S COMPLICATED" where Meryll Streep helps her arcitect friend to tidy up his old clothes. Out of the cubboard, comes this old handknitted sweater, in the original colours, as an ikon, also for the americans !




Swedish actress Ingrid Bergmann with childeren in 1963, wearing sweaters from Unn Søiland.  Ingrid Bergmann is wearing FINNMARK, and the children Roberto, Isotta and Isabella in versions of ESKIMO.This photo is a private picture Ingrid Bergman sent Unn Søiland to thank her for the sweaters.




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MARIUS pattern,

designed by Unn Søiland in 1953, Lillunn


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