Elisabeth Stray Pedersen is now running the company after Vigdis Yran Dale. She studied an MA in local production and design at Oslo National Academy and Fashion Design with Marketing at Central Saint Martins in London. She has experience from designing and working for several wellknown norwegian designers, as well as running her own business since 2009. With a passion for local production and quality, she wish to continue developing Lillunn to a modern local production house, while maintaining the rich designhistory and quality the brand is carrying.

Since 2002, Vigdis Yran Dale continued to renew the family company Lillunn Design of Norway. Vigdis was educated within fine arts, which made an impact on the direction of the brand during her time as managing director. As her mother, her philosophy was to continue cultivate the original consept of using only 100% pure new wool, the most comfortable, healthy and natural way of keeping warm and elegant. Vigdis Yran Dales designs were also based on Norwegian textile traditions, creating a casuale elegance of pure nature.

Founder of Lillunn Design of Norway in 1953, initially designer of Norwegian Wool Handknits. She recieved the Royal Medal of Merit in Gold in 2002, for her pioneer work as a renewer of traditional Norwegian wool textiles, and for making them famous world wide. Her philosophy was to dare to be national, to have international succsess. She is famous for collaborating and inspiring French fashion houses like Dior, Castelbajac and Givenchy. Always designing with pure wool and best quality handicraft, her idea was that a good design should last for at least 10 years. Her best designs are still classics in todays collections. Lillunn's collections have been unique and succsessful across borders through more than 50 years. Pure and elegant Norwegian wool handicraft has always been the speciality of Lillunn Design of Norway.