Lillunn offers a range of iconic outerwear in 100% pure new norwegian lambswool.

Lillunn was founded in 1953 by Norwegian designer Unn Søiland Dale. She made high quality garments from wool blankets, and was inspired by the traditions on cruise lines, like Hurtigruten, to use blankets to stay warm on deck.  

Lillunn have a history of collaborations.

Beginning her fashion career in Paris, founder Unn Søiland Dale lead Lillunn to collaborate with french fashion houses like Dior and Givenchy in the 80s, as well as designing iconic knits like Eskimo and Marius.  The collections of Lillunn have been unique and successful across borders for more than 50 years and her best designs are still in our collections. 

We weave our fabrics on the original loomtops, and we still keep a great part of our seam production in Oslo, Norway.

We value the unique knowledge and quality we have obtained through generations, and believe keeping sampling and production inhouse is the way to keep this intact. Lillunn still produce garments and blankets in norwegian lambswool. We continue the traditions with a modern take.